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Discover Mombasa, Kenya

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Mombasa radiates with natural abundance – clear beaches, calming marina, coral reefs, lavish parks and sanctuaries. Enjoy nature’s pleasures with a tropical climate all year round. Mombasa is the second-largest city in exotic Kenya, with a diverse population of about 1.2 million.

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A regional and economic hub, Mombasa has a grand port and its own International Airport. The city’s rich culture and popularity amongst tourists has lead to a regional tourism centre. Be part of Mombasa’s fulfilling experiences, whether laid-back or adventurous.

Sheheena Marina Apartments brings you a calm home and surroundings, with the excitement of the city just over Nyali Bridge. Have the gratifying privilege of taking in extraordinary views from every corner of your home with the view of the Indian Ocean, and the close waters of the Marina.

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